Our mission is to create a pool of information on stress, depression and anxiety that will persevere and assist the user in the best way possible and may ultimately cure stress, depression or anxiety, or at least reduce the illness or help to prevent it from coming back. Even if you are well, we recommend that you keep your membership and read the articles that are relevant to you and your situation or needs.


Our purpose is to foster an international help tool that can help all people regardless of nationality, religion, economic background or current country of residence. YSA is responsible for publishing articles and information about assistive technology, methods or advice. YSA will never be responsible for the individual user’s interpretation of or reaction to an article or piece of information and therefore cannot be held responsible for harmful results. YSA has an ethical code which the board is responsible for the compliance of.


When YSA is free to use, we will seek funds in the countries in which we operate. On our website, you will be able to donate money via credit card or Mobilepay (or similar apps depending on where you are). We will also arrange auctions where everyone has an opportunity to offer products and experiences YSA has received. In Denmark, we will work with companies like Falck Care (and similar companies in other countries), if any of our business customers, of which there are relatively many, have signed up YSA in large numbers, and if they are very negative, we do not have the skills we will refer companies like Falck Care in Denmark.

In addition, we sell quite common names sponsorships that will be visible on our website along with products we recommend.

But the economy will undoubtedly continue to be under pressure and so organizations like the EU and UN will be important partners to also receive aid to developing countries or countries in war and conflict.

The work of YSA can also be measured in the health of our users and thus, does not pose additional costs to the society in general.

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