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Stress, depression and anxiety are illnesses you can visibly see people are suffering from. Actually, it could be the case that you are developing stress, depression or anxiety, but without knowing it yourself. This is the case of many wealthy people. YMC is an international website where you can seek help, but in so many ways as others, among a tangle of articles, suggestions and forums, if you feel early symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety. Some may be good pieces of advice, but others can be undeniably harmful. Therefore, it is difficult to figure out what is up and down all the information available. BUT always seek professional help if you are convinced that you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety.

YMC is different because the information we convey to you is reliable and relevant for the situation you find yourself in. When you first enter the site, you are required to take a test which will take approximately 5 minutes of your time. Having information entrusted to us will help us in providing you with information and guidance that fit you. Therefore, it is also important that you update your profile should your situation change.

You will receive two emails every month and should you read an article you find to be irrelevant for you, it is possible to mark it.  This will help us to send you more relevant and personally useful articles in the future. If you want to become a paying member, you will receive your personally targeted web magazine instead of an email. The big advantage here is that the content will be 100% relevant for you. Inside the magazine, you will also guidance on diet, exercise, mentally and personal well-being, as well as an Advantage Club where tested products can be purchased at a discount.

YMC only publish articles on stress, depression and anxiety. They would never contain references to medicine or medical advice, but only to products or methods that may be able to help people cure stress, depression or anxiety, or at least have a reducing effect.

Many famous people have been exposed to stress, depression or anxiety, so several interesting articles will have that as their topic. All articles are written in a language that is easy to read and understand and not in medical terms or standards. It is completely the choice of the user whether to follow the indications and result of YMC or not. YMC also offer a children's section where it is easy for children to find counselling, and particularly for children who have been victims of violence, assault and war. There will soon be more videos available along with a phone number the children can call.  All articles can be read by pressing the speaker icon.

Many articles will be published on YMC and they will be free to read. We publish in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, French, Belgian Turkish and Czech. The goal is to be accessible in as many countries as possible as it is a worldwide problem. - In developing countries, we offer free subscriptions.

YMC is also the only service that offers long-term assistance, which is incredibly important. Even if you are well, we want to help you prevent a relapse. Anxiety, depression and stress are contagious, so you know what to do if your children or family are exposed to the same sources.

We cooperate with the Department of Anxiety Depression and Stress which is a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, ETH Zurich, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge along with many professors, researchers and specialists. YMC will never mention medications, procedures or other medical advice.


We will also make sales to companies as donations to help improve the mental health of their staff. All information is strictly confidential and the company will receive only one bill with the number of employees who have signed up and not any names or further ID. It can also help to assist employees who have children and live together and are affected by anxiety, depression or stress, and so it helps solve some of their everyday problems. This increases the happiness of the individual employee and can help to reduce absenteeism and decrease the number of long-term reports being

The price is DKK 200 per employee per year without VAT, as we are not registered for VAT. It will surely be an investment that will pay off. Businesses are also welcome to make donations.

We will also employ part-time volunteer labor, ask celebrities to be our ambassadors and have well-known bloggers help spread our message.

If a crisis or disaster should happen, thoughts and instructions on how to get the proper help acute will be shared on YMC.

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